17 years from the Enthronement of the Bishop of Corfu


17 years from the Enthronement of the Bishop of Corfu

On Saturday, November 23, 2019, 17 years from the Enthronement of the Bishop of Corfu, of His Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios were celebrated.

On this occasion, His Eminence did the service in the altar of the Holy Monastery of Saint Theodoroi in Kamara, which was renovated in the past few years, after his initiative.

Speaking to the pilgrims of the monastery, Mr. Nektarios emphasized that the tradition of ecclesiastical life is centered on the church, the saints, the sacred bank, where the unholy mystery of divine Eucharist lies. The Church, led by its bishop, completes the special sequence for the interred Holy Bank, essentially reopening the sacred temple, in order to continue worshiping God in the ecclesiastical order.

Priesthood, Mr. Nektarios said, is associated with worship and the holy altar. It is not just reason or social work, but the ministry of God and fellow man, which begins with the unity of all in divine service. Both monasteries and parishes work to manifest faith through prayer. This is the Church: the faith that prays and worships, the faith that makes man participate in the grace of God and be sanctified!

On behalf of the clergy and the people, the General Prelatic Warden, fr Themistocles Mourtzanos wished His Eminence the best for the seventeen years of his noble pasture.

Mr. Nektarios thanked the faithful who participated in spiritual joy and emphasized that during these seventeen years he glorified God who felt the love of people unbroken and lived Corfu as the home of his heart!


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