Message of our Bishop, Mr. Nektarios for the Sanctification Services in schools.

Το μήνυμα του Μητροπολίτη μας κ. Νεκταρίου για τους Αγιασμούς των σχολείων

Message of our Bishop, Mr. Nektarios for the Sanctification Services in schools

My dear students,

This past summer, we realised, after the tragic event of the great fire in Athens, that the most important gift that we all have , either younger or older, is life. We understood that the time given to us is precious and unrepeteable.

We are invited to think ahead but also that not everything is in our hands. Our life’s specifications and the wy we will use our time consist the centre of education, as it is experience in the school reality.

Education gives the necessary knowledge to nurture each personality.

At the same time, it gives the possibility of going towards the so-called, meaning of life. The relations between educators and students, the relations of students with one another, but also the content of the courses lead to this road: to help them understand that life is only meaningful when we love humans, knowledge, the environment that we live in, the goals that we have. Everything, however, requires time.

It is up to each and everyone of us on how to use the given time; either it is endless or precious.

Our Church continues to remind everyone that every moment is precious because we can let it be sanctified. By trusting God and His will, with honesty, knowing that our actions affect the others, but also that all together we can fight for truth and love.

And for everthing that is not up to us, we are invited to pray and beg God to light and give strength to us! I would like to wish you, as your father, a happy and blessed school year! To make good use of every moment and move towards finding the meaning of your lives.

With paternal wishes and warm in Christ love,





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