A school for my child to learn


A school for my child to learn- The Orthodox Book Exhibition of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu is completed

The Orthodox Book Exhibition organized by the Holy Metropolis of Corfu in cooperation with EN PLO Publications was completed with an event dedicated to education. On Sunday afternoon, March 18, 2018, in the Spiritual Centre, based on the book “For School” by Mr. Stavros Zoumboulakis, President of the Executive Council of the National Library and the book institution “ARTOS ZOIS”, the author presented some of the illnesses of the modern educational system.

He pointed out the need for school to revert to its basic task of teaching children “letters”. It should get rid of the mentality that it has to give to children knowledge that works under the perspective of information about the world, putting the basics aside.

School is conservative from its founding basis. It cannot go without effort. Perceptions that the teacher should learn from the student and that in school we should learn how to learn are very problematic. Teacher- student relationship is asymmetric from the beginning. Learning presupposed that one knows and hands in (hence teaching as handing in) and one who does not know (student). Children need basically teachers and not substitutes for parents or friends. Also, school is not a university.

If the student does not learn, if he/she does not have an amount of knowledge, it makes no sense to make him/her learn how to learn. This causes only confusion.

The author also pointed out that, in his opinion, child must learn Ancient Greek in all classes of junior high school and high school. In this way, they will be able to understand the newer Greek literature, Papadiamantis, Viziinos, Roidis, all those who have written in purist Greek. They will be able to talk proper Greek, spell out. They will be able to read the New Testament in its original form.

The same happens in literature, fragmentation and engagement with secondary approaches, such as narrative techniques, deprive children of the ability to capture the meaning of literary work. Parallel study of novels will help.

For primary school, Mr. Zoumboulakis pointed out the need for the child to function under the perspective of “read, write, count, know my history”.

Regularity in school will be restored when respect for hierarchical relations when there are respect for hierarchical relations, teachers’ assessment both on administrative and cognitive- pedagogical basis and training.

The book was presented by the teacher Maria Kallou and a very interesting dialogue with the public followed.



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