Archieratic Vesper for Saint Nektarios in Corfu


Archieratic Vesper for Saint Nektarios in Corfu

On afternoon of Thursday, November 8, 2018, at the Holy Church of the Holy Spyridon the Wonderworker, the Vesper and the Cutting of the Holy Loafs were made, with the blessing of Saint Nektarios with their Eminences Bishops of Servia and Kozani, Mr. Pavlos, the Bishop of Kessariani, Byron and Immitos, Mr. Daniel and the local one, who was also celebrating, his Eminence the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios.

In his address, Mr. Nektarios welcomed the two Bishops, underscoring their long-standing friendship, which began in good times, where respect for the Church existed even young people and older people were proud of both their Orthodox faith and the rich Greek tradition, as opposed to the current era of confusion and loss of spiritual orientation.

Moreover, his Eminence briefly referred to the life of the celebrated Saint Nektarios, a new Saint, who proves to us that the Paraclete is present within our Orthodox Church until its age.

Finally, the Bishop of Corfu thanked their Eminences, the Bishops of Servia and Kozani, Mr. Pavlos and Kessariani, Byron and Immitos, Mr. Daniel, but also all the Priests, the Monks and Nuns of the local Church, but above all the faithful people of Corfu, for their love in the face of their spiritual father and prayers, which strengthen him.

Following the Bishop of Serbia and Kozani, Mr. Pavlos talked and then having thanked Mr. Nektarios, stressed that Saint Nektarios achieved the desired, not the human, but everything for God. He became a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, for he followed the Divine will during his whole life. The heart of Saint Nektarios was burned with love for the Bridegroom Christ.

Also, Mr. Pavlos insisted that the Bishop is the treasurer of Divine Grace. In the times of flattening, in which we live and constantly disrespect, primarily ourselves and God and our brothers, we have destroyed principles, values, morals, traditions, and the ego reigns.

If only, we believe in the Cross and in the Resurrection of Christ, then we can realize the meaning of the image of the created man. The purpose of the believer is the Sanctification and the union with the Lord. It is indeed very regrettable that the crown of divine creation, human, is rolled like the pigs in the mire of the passionate state and pride.

Such wretched humans also fought against Saint Nektarius, slandered him and falsely accused him. But in the end, the truth triumphed, that is Jesus Christ Himself.

In closing, the Bishop of Kozani, having emphatically stated that the faith in God and His Saints empowers humans, pointed out that the people of Corfu can feel proud of the Lord for their honorable Bishop, who, before receiving the third degree of Priesthood, being a monks experienced obedience and humiliation, and mostly, indigence.

Finally, Mr. Paul wished the Lord to grant the Bishop of Corfu the obvious health and continue to rationalize the word of truth.

After the end of the Vesper, clergy and people wished the Bishop of Corfu to be strengthened by the Lord through the embassies of Saint Nektarios.


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