Archieratic Vesper in the Holy CHurch of Saint Spyridon in Corfu.


Archieratic Vesper in the Holy CHurch of Saint Spyridon in Corfu.

The worshipping events continue in the Holy Church of Saint SPyridon for his memory. On Wednesday afternoon, December 12, 2018, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios did the Archieratic Vesper. In his speech, the Bishop of Corfu underlined that Saint Spyridon is the centre of Corfiots’ lives and the feast of His Memory is internal happiness.

The element that we should admire is the clarity of Saint Spyridon’s heart during the very first Christian centuries that he lived and accepted the greatest gift of Priesthood and then becoming Bishop. Saint John the Chrysostomos talks about this great gift of Priesthood. This takes place on earth but a part of it is in Heaven too.

Priests are blessed by the Triune God and are destined to preach Christ’s truth to the world. They bring the Unbuilt Grace of God to people’s hearts. Moreover, his Eminece underlined that Saint Spyridon became the perfect shepherd and the perfect Priest and Bishop. He is the one bringing God’s Grace. He keeps it to the eternity too. And as a result we are able to pray to him to help us and protect us during the Divine Liturgy.

This image is described perfectly by Saint John the Theologian in Apocalypse. Referring to the modern time, Mr. Nektarios underlined that Priesthood and being a Bishop bother some people and for this reason they try to get rid of them. Sin is then taking over and leads souls to spiritual disaster. In his closing, his Eminece encouraged the faithful ones to pray to Saint Spyridon especially during the difficult times our homeland goes through.


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