Ascetical Life in our times


“Ascetical Life in our times”

On the occasion of the Othodox Christian Book Exhibition of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu in collaboration with EN PLO publications, an event took place on Monday afternoon, March 12, 2018, in the Spiritual Centre on the following subject: “Ascetical Life in our times” based on the book: “THE SECRET OF THE DESERT” of the Archbishop of Canterbury in England, Rowan Williams (EN PLO Publications).

There were two main speakers, Archimandrite father Timothy Georgiou, abbot of the Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary the Platytera and Protopresbyter father Themistoklis Mourtzanos, General Prelatic Warden of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu.

Father Timothy stressed the importance of a spiritual leader and especially a leader of the most secularized Christian confession of the Anglican Church to indulge himself in the spiritual wealth of the Fathers of the desert, in Gerontikon (Stories of Elders) and talk about the ascetical life in our times.

The first message coming from this book is the need for self-criticism, especially today, when the ego and individuality precede along with the simultaneous degradation of interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, the person is only meant as a relationship with other people. A second element that one discovers by reading the book is the need of a person to listen. And a third one is the definition of who is really free. Free is not the one who has many choices, but the one who makes the introspection in his/her soul, knows who he/she is, knows his/her boundaries and has a relationship with freedom not as an idea, but as a person, Christ Himself.

Then a discussion with the audience followed.

The book exhibition runs daily from 10 am to 2pm and 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm.



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