Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios: “Church’s presence is annoying nowadays.”


Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios: “Church’s presence is annoying nowadays.”

The worship events for Saint Theodora the Empress, Co-protector of the island of Corfu began. On the afternoon of Sunday, February 10, 2019, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios celebrated a great festive Vesper at the Holy Metropolitan Church of Virgin Mary the Spilaiotissa where the relics of Saints Vlasios and Theodora are kept.On the morning of the same day, he did the Holy Paraklesis.

In his sermon, his Eminence analyzed the Doxastikon of the Vesper : “Whom do you recite and praise the light of the state of revere, Theodora, are you despised?” St. Theodora came from the East to teach us courses of Orthodox faith and morality. She herself throughout her life, with her imperial office, has not lived either her glory or her wealth. She lived only for the love of her Erasmus Bride, although she married.

She fought with disrespect, which is also a trait of our time. Our Lord Himself came and brought us out of the darkness and chaos of sin and error and gave us the opportunity of salvation and salvation. The temptation of disaffection, however, remains. The devil through the centuries uses, in order to spiritually confuse people, the leaders of this world. One of them was the wife of Saint Theodora, Theophilus. Although a Byzantine emperor, he falsified and fought Orthodoxy. But the patience of the Saint Theodora lifted her husband from Hades.

Moreover, the Bishop of Corfu pointed out that in this age of contradictions we live, many love the Lord and do His will in their lives. There are many who live unwise. They are those who not only were self-reliant, but at the same time living abusively against Christ. After much regret and sadness today we find that the leaders in our Orthodox homeland not only declare their atheism but with many tricks put obstacles in the piety and the piety of the Greeks.

Mr. Nektarios referred to his personal example during his recent pastoral visit to the island of Paxoi, where, at the invitation of the teachers and headmasters of the island’s schools, he found himself in the school areas where the students offered him a warm reception. This visit has annoyed the authorities, resulting in teachers being accountable, with the threat of sanctions by their superior authority. After that, every thinking person can perceive how tragic our country is.

In closing his Eminence, wished the Triune God to give enlightenment to the faithful and repentance to all, as well as to the prisoners, through the embassies of Saints Theodora and Vlasios.

Finally, at the Vespers, two choirs with pupils of the School of Ecclesiastic Music of the Holy Metropolis “SAINT ARSENIOS”, under the direction of the First Chanters, Mr. Nikolaos Makropoulos and Mr. Georgios Ladbrevis, were singing.


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