Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios: ” Holy Fathers are the symbols of our Faith”


Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios: ” Holy Fathers are the symbols of our Faith”

On Sunday June 9,  2019 His Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands Mr. Nektarios did the Divine Liturgy in the celebrating and historic church of the Holy Fathers in the town of Corfu.

In his sermon, his Eminence analyzed the Lord’s phrase, from His Priesthood prayer, just before His Willing Passion: “This is the life of the living God, in the only true God, and He sent Christ. “The life of eternity is directly related to the knowledge of God. This knowledge has nothing to do with the understanding of the essence of God, since that is impossible. The finite and built man can not de facto know the essence of His Timeless and Uncreated Creator. The Holy Trinity is revealed to man through the incarnation of the Son and Word of God and His uncreated energies. That is why faith in the true God is not a religion, but a Revelation. So when one knows God and communes with Him daily, through prayer, then this relationship over time becomes loving. This endless loving relationship of man with Christ is the life of eternity and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Additionally, the Bishop of Corfu referring to celebrating 318 Holy Fathers of Nicaea First Ecumenical Council, noted that those both experienced and have demonstrated the above three elements of the true Christian, namely prayer and the recognition of God in human life and unity of believers. On the contrary, schisms and heresies are not God’s, they are tempting situations, which have as their root the egoism and the autonomy of man and social systems that wanted to unite the world failed, for the one who invites people to unity is the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth. That is why we do not mean unity, without the truth.

Concluding Mr. Nektarios praised the work of the late predecessor Cyrus Timothy, who painstakingly, restored historic temple of the Holy Fathers, which was almost completely destroyed by the bombing of Nazi Germany on September 14, 1943.



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