BISHOP OF CORFU MR. NEKTARIOS: ” The cross saves us and not the fake divinities of our times”


BISHOP OF CORFU MR. NEKTARIOS: ” The cross saves us and not the fake divinities of our times”

On Friday, September 13, 2019, his Eminence the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios visited the celebrating church of Saint Konstantinos and Eleni in Kozani, after the invitation of the local Bishop, Mr. Paul. Mr. Nektarios did the Vesper on the eve of the celebration with their Eminences, the Bishops of Philadelphia, Mr. Benedict, Grevena, Mr. David and Mr. Paul, the local one.

During the Vesper, Mr. Nektarios addressed the congregation, stressing, inter alia, that as we gaze upon the Holy Cross of the Lord we pour out of our hearts feelings of gratitude because love, sacrifice, redemption, redemption, love, sacrifice flow from our hearts. salvation of the human race! Every one of us is called to reflect on responsibility for the Crucified Love! Think about what He has done for us and what we have to offer to Him.

That is why we are called before the Cross to adopt in turn the need for voluntary passion. To voluntarily resign from sin, from falling. Today the sin pattern of life. We are not prepared to drive it out of our lives. It has naturally become the life of coping with sin. Love for our bodies, individualism, forgetfulness of the ethics of the cross, sacrifice for all of us.

On the Cross Christ waived His rights. He renounced immortality, omnipotence, and even the right of the people to worship Him as God. And this resignation was made for the sake of love for God and His will, but also for the sake of love for mankind. The Cross is therefore an example of our love and renunciation of the omnipotence of our rights. Today we demand the right to comfort, the right to be served by people, to dominate them. Sometimes we also ask for the right to be served by the state, not for the good of the whole, but for the fulfillment of our own interests. The Lord’s Cross shows us that love is above rights!

Finally, the Cross of the Lord shows us that we are saved from death only through communion with God. On the Cross it has been demonstrated the difference between the truth of faith and the false deities in which we invest people to save us: money, the power of science and technology, the power of information have become deities that dominate our lives, but they cannot save us from death. On the Cross it is proved that the only true salvation comes through faith in Christ, the victor of death, because the Resurrection that followed showed that communion with Him saves eternity!

Mr. Nektarios was also present in the Divine Liturgy which took place on Saturday, September 14, 2019, on the celebration of the Veneration of the Holy Cross. The preaching was made by the Bishop of Grevena, Mr. David.


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