Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios to the young people: Do not exchange your freedom


Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios to the young people: Do not exchange your freedom

The yearly memorial service for the first governon of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, who is buried in the Holy Monastery of Platytera was made on Monday morning, September 30,2019, by his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios. In the memorial, the MP of Corfu, Mr. Stefanos Gkikas, the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Mrs, Rodi Kratsa, the Mayor of Central Corfu, Ms. Meropi Hydraiou, the President of the Town Council, Mr. Dimitris Metallinos, along with representatives of educational and other authorities of the island were present.

But, mainly, delegations from Corfu schools attended, with their flags, honoring the memory of the great Greek, as well as members of the Corfu Men and Children Choir, with their conductor, Christina Kalliaridou.

Addressing mainly young people, Mr. Nektarios emphasized, inter alia:

“Kapodistrias was doing what no one believed they could do. At a time when the then Great Powers – England, France, Russia – did not want our country to be independent, but a tax on the sultan, a master, whose dream came to pass. Aware of the contradictions and interests of the strongholds who were in conflict, the best thing for our country: independence! He succeeded in being free, that is, he accomplished that for which all those who began in 1821 fought: through the faith of the saints in Christ we gained the home of freedom!

Kapodistrias  began to have a comprehensive plan for the development of the Greek state: guided by the education of ours. He thought that Greece could not move forward without the Greeks stepping on their feet, lacking the knowledge to judge the world in which they lived, the abilities to work, to work and to live. theoretical, ecclesiastical, agricultural, military, so that young people can become the pride of society. And he did it, at a time when many were arguing for power, for wages, for glory, to serve the interests of foreign powers …

Kapodistrias wanted to organize our homeland in such a way as to support her own identity: Christian faith and tradition, lentimentality, and loyalty to the Greeks, our community and institutions A state that does not recognize civic participation, becoming bureaucratic, but would urge citizens to contribute to the fullest extent of their abilities, both financially and in their entirety, THE society! Kapodistrias respected every human being and recognized his value. He was the one who organized the Spanish State, the first substantive state in our country during the years of Russian domination, until 1814. He was the one who organized Switzerland, giving it the state it still holds. He was the one who even fought for the abolition of slavery in America! A true Christian, he acted with respect for man in the image of God and to exploit his gifts in the perspective of love for many!

Today we remember the end of the governor. The hands that violently ended his life hit him Sunday morning, the day he went to Article in the church of Saint Spyridon in Nafplio. His killers, both physicists who were Greeks, as well as ethicists, Greeks and mostly foreigners, could not erase them from our memory and our hearts. And as we look at what is going on in our society and our country, we wonder and at the same time urge the new generation, especially you, to not change your freedom for any of the greats of the modern world! Learn letters, not only to know or to find a job, but to know what our identity is for both Greeks and Christians! Keep your head high against those who describe us life and reality as black, unless we act on their dictates! Respect your neighbor and have a spirit of cooperation, unity and love, so that we can move forward together!

Kapodistrias was incompatible with a few! Choose to fight for all that liberates, stimulates, educates, holds Greece and all of us high! We pray that God rests his soul! We pray for you and thank you that together, with the church in front, we commemorate his memory! ”


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