Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios visited Erikoussa


Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios visited Erikoussa

On Sunday morning, July 15, 2018, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios visited Erikoussa, one of the three northern Diapontian Islands, at the borders of Greece, where he did the Divine Liturgy on the occasion of remembering the 630 Fathers who constituted the 4th Ecumenical Synod.

The Bishop of Corfu had the chance of communicating with the backwoodsmen of the island, while in his preaching during the Divine Liturgy he explained the mystery of our Lord’s incarnation and pointed out the value of the Council of Chalcedon on the life of the world.

Christ is the perfect God and perfect Human and everything He did in this world was about the human dimension of life; he treated patients, comforted the mourning ones, cared for the material feed of people, had mercy and by His crucification, He beated death, both body’s and spirit’s. Our salvation is not only spiritual, but also physical.

Mr. Nektarios underlined that there was a serious reaction towards Christ by the cosmic mindset, especially by the ones in power. He, however, changed the plans of those who wanted humans to be without hope of eternal life and freedom.

He left as Ηis consignment for Church to continue the work of salvation. The Fathers of the Church were supporters of this work, while having a conservative spirit. COnservativeness has to do with avoiding sin, preserving faith and values.

Church is called today to show this morality and every believer to manifest it in a world dominated by the Western spirit of interest, self-interest, the deification of sin. “We put water in our wine” today. We have to return. Make use of our faith. Our culture. Rescue our homeland, our language, our history, our origin. Do not succumb to the sirens that tell us that we must break away from our roots. With our culture, which is based on our faith, we have nurtured the world. Let us not succumb to the ease with which any rulers of our times allow us believe that if we lose the borders, if we lose the name of our Macedonia, we do not have to worry. Resistance is needed!

The Bishop, finally, mentioned the chance that he had to communicate with people form Erikoussa who live in the States during his travels there and underlined that no matter what is said, America remains conservative and respects religiosity, unlike Europe, which tries to marginalise faith and pressures us towards this direction.

Mr. Nektarios walked on the small streets of the island, talked with the local residents and ate with them.




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