Bishop of Corfu: Today young people seek the truth and the Church has a great responsibility


Bishop of Corfu: Today young people seek the truth and the Church has a great responsibility

His Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios started the education programme of the Catechists with a blessing service, organised for the 17th consecutive year by the local Church. The event took place in the Spiritual Centre of the Holy Metropolis on Monday afternoon, September 30, 2019. The topics of this year’s programme are selected from the dogmatic and hymnological texts of the Holy Week.

Talking to the catechists, Mr. Nektarios pointed out that the theme was chosen because through the Holy Week’s hymnology, which is lost somewhere in the ritual and in the folkloric events associated with it, one can approach it through language, poetry and theology. the total meaning of our salvation.

It is our duty to convey these messages to the younger generations.

Young people today have changed. They are seekers. They seek to find meaning elsewhere, outside the Church, and find that they receive no answers or find the truth. Parish indoctrination should be for all ages. Priests and catechists to become strangers. It takes contact with new families to spread the meaning of salvation!

“Hope is not contaminated,” said Mr. Nektarios. We first need the deacons of God’s word to be seekers of God’s grace, not of despair, we need to run, not to appease the familiar faces of our temples, but to search for the lost sheep! Our lives need to be “literal” and that requires an alarm of love, faith, so that the parish is the center of people’s lives.

The Bishop ended up expressing his desire for Corfu to come alive even more spiritually, with a will, a disposition and a racing mind!

The first speech was then given by the protopresbyter father Dimitrios Vasileiadis, theologian on the following topic: ” gifts in the ecclesiastical life”.



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