Celebrating the Transfiguration of Christ in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu


Celebrating the Transfiguration of Christ in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019 his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios did the Divine Liturgy in the celebrating Holy Monastery of Saint Athanasius in Agros.

In his preaching, the Bishop of Corfu pointed out that Saint Gregory Palamas informs us that in reality, on Mount Tabor, there is no transfiguration of Christ, but the eyes of His Disciples are transformed, who are purified and now able to see the Lord as perfect God and perfect man. Apart from Christ on Mount Tabor, at the time of the Transfiguration, Peter, Jacob, and John still see Moses and Elias. In this way the Lord further proves that Himself dominates both life and death. Death in turn translates into a life of eternity for those who make the decision to follow Jesus Christ and fight spiritually.

In addition, His Eminence mentioned three reasons why the Lord was transfigured. The first reason is to show all His Divine glory to His Disciples before His voluntary Passion. The second is because Jesus Christ in His Transfiguration wanted to show the glory of human nature, which he had been clothed with. And the third reason has to do with the voice of His heavenly Father heard saying, “He is my son, my beloved, I have been approved; you are listening”. At this moment the Holy Trinity is revealed. The Heavenly Father urges the Disciples and by extension us to obey the Lord and to observe His divine will without restraint. This obedience will open the crowns of Divine Grace and introduce us to the Kingdom of Heaven.

In closing, Mr. Nektarios wished to the Abbess, the nuns of the monastery, and all the pilgrims, the Holy Taborian – Uncreated Light, to cover and bless their lives.



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