Celebration of Saint Nektarios


Celebration of Saint Nektarios

On Wednesday afternoon, November 8th, 2017, an Episcopal Vespel with the Breaking of the loaves (Artoklasia) took place in St. Spyridon’s Church on the occassion of the celebration of Saint Nektarios with his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands mr. Nektarios.

The General Prelatic Warden father Themistoklis Mourtzanos talked about Saint Nektarios’s favourite psalm. It mentions the mission of every Christian in the world: “I shall teach thy ways unto the wicked and sinners shall be converted unto thee”.

The sinners are divided into three categories. Firstly, the ones who do not have God and Holy Gospel as the basis for their lives, the unfaithful, the sensualists and the atheists. Those who have made themselves Gods. In the second category belong those who see the spiritual life hypocritically. Those who pretend to love God but actually they see Him as a means to self-righteousness and not to save and be saved. The ones who can very easily accuse and criticise everything and everyone.

They use morality or dogmatic purity against Truth. Finally, in the third category belong the ones who are sinful but not malicious. They realise their mistakes and passions. They feel their weaknesses. However, they cannot move on because of their indecision and absence of spiritual guideness.

They feel lost and ask for the voice that will make them return. They feel their heart broken by the difficulties of life. This was the path of Saint Nektarios. His teaching is addressed to everyone, either faithful or not. This is the path of our Church. To teach to every person the path of our Lord. The path of love, faith, repentance and call every wicked to return.

Even people within the Orthodox Church fought against Saint Nektarios. Not only they did not listen but also they thought of him as an enemy of faith, being affected by the mask of moral and spiritual purity. However, there were also the ones who kept their ears open. Because their heart was searching for the truth. They followed Saint Nektarios and accepted him as their spiritual guide.

In his conclusion, father Themistoklis wished that Saint Nektarios will always be next to the Bishop who will follow his example in the current difficult and sinful times. It is a crucial need for people of our local Church to be spiritually led by their spiritual father, their Bishop.

By the end of the Vesper, mr. Nektarios thanked every priest, monks and nuns of the local Church along with the faithful Christians of Corfu, for their love and prayers which follow him in every step of his way.

Finally, all the priests and people wished that Christ will keep the Bishop strengthened through the prayers of Saint Nektarios.


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