Christmas events in Corfu


Christmas events in Corfu

On Sunday evening, December 24,2017 a Panegyrical Episcopal Vesper took place in St Spyridon’s church with his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands.

The Official speech of the Day was made by the Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis, Archimandrite, Father Ioustinos Konstantas, who pointed out that we as Christians believe that the God Word became human without changing His substance. Unfortunately, some still not believe Him and wait for another Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ with his Incarnation turns to be apart from Son of God, Son of Humans too, in order to help them become sons of God themselves .

Moreover, Father Ioustinos emphasised the fact that the birth of Son takes place before time, from the Father. We are not be able to know how it happened because it cannot be explained with the human logic. With his incarnation, the Word unites the Divine Nature with the Human one and the communication and unity of God with humans which was stopped by the Fall through the sins, are restored.

Saint Maximus the Confessor mentions that the big mystery of the incarnation that happened, was decided before time by God. By taking our very own human Nature, Christ invited us again to communicate with Him. However, He respects his ability to control him/her self and He does not save them by force, but he is incarnated humbly in an animal’s manger.

In his closing, Father Ioustinos invited the loyal Christians to run to God’s church in order to experience the Light, the Hope, the Joy, the Peace and above all the Love that only the Gift – Donator Lord can offer.

In the end of the Vesper, Mr. Nektarios wished to everyone merry Christmas and may the Uncreated Light, the newly born Christ, to light our world which works without a spiritual compass in the darkness.

Lastly, his Eminence listened to Christmas Carols in his House, played by the Philharmonic Band “Kapodistrias”, the Choir of Corfu, the Philharmonic Band “Mantzaros” and the Philharmonic Band of Corfu. Furthermore, Mr. Nektarios gave his blessings and small gifts, while encouraging the children to participate in the Christmas Divine Liturgy, by taking the Holy Communion.




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