Chronically Suffering People’s Foundation “The Platytera”

Ίδρυμα χρονίως πασχόντων η "Πλατυτέρα"

Chronically Suffering People’s Foundation “The Platytera”

This Foundation was established by the Holy Metropolis of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, by the name “chronically Suffering People’s Foundation – The Platytera” (139/7-2-1981 (Official Goverment Gazette 42- T.A./17-2-1981) of Presidential Decree.
It is a private legal entity, governed by the provisions of the aforementioned Presidential Decree and with relevant licence of operation, which was published in OGG 320/27-3-2001 T.B. The Foundation started its operation in 3/9/2001.

Its main purpose is to provide care, treatment and medical help for the people who live in it. This important welfare project,perfectly equipped with high European standards,offers its services to people in need and the Corfiots have warmly embraced it.

In a warm, welcoming environment, consisted of experienced and qualified medical, paramedical, nursing and supporting stuff, 67 chronically suffering people either able to take care of themselves or not, ambulatories and bedridden are provided with daily care and love.

Ίδρυμα χρονίως πασχόντων η Πλατυτέρα 2In total, this structure covers about 3500m2 inside which, there are sitting rooms, libraries, dining room, a fully equipped physiotherapy studio, an ergotherapy studio and a hairdresser.

Moreover, in the ground floor, there is a big amphitheatre with capacity of 280 seats, fully equipped with audiovisual infrastructure in order to host any kind of events (Theatre, choirs, concerts, lectures or conferences). This ampitheatre was created in order to entertain the inmates and make them feel part of the wider society. For this reason, apart from this ampitheatre, there is another important place. It operates as a place for the spiritual needs not only of the inmates but also of other Christians.

The Holy Trinity Church is built in a byzantine style and fully painted with holy icons, where an important liturgical and pastoral work takes place. In this church, not only the inmates but also people from the surrounding areas participate in the divine services. The church hosts also weddings and baptisms.

Ίδρυμα χρονίως πασχόντων η Πλατυτέρα 3The living areas and rooms are fully equipped with specially adapted installations of sanity and entertainment (television, specially adapted showers, hydromassage etc.) which offer comfort and convenience in everyday life.

First and foremost task of this foundation, is the decent living conditions of those people by providing a high quality of life especially as far as their mental tranquility and active life are concerned.

In general, the living conditions are equal to those of every other person. Most importantly, affection, love and care are given to every person by every member of our experienced, specialised and responsible stuff.

General Responsible- Director: Mrs Eleni Karydi
Contact: +30.26610 35860 , +30.26610 35325 , +30. 26610 35327
Fax: +30.26610 35328