Church as society that embraces family and youth


Church as society that embraces family and youth

On Wednesday afternoon, March 27, 2019 the Divine Liturgy of Pre-sanctified Gifts was held at the Holy Church of All Saints in Corfu Town for the closure of the meetings of Parents’ School and the Institution for education of the catechists, with his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios.

In his preaching, the Bishop of Corfu using as basis the Proverbs and in particular the following phrase: “If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you;
    if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer.” (Proverbs, 9.12). This phrase is up-to-date as ever in our time, where people have been isolated from each other. Within our Church we are called to live communally. Live like a family. One to take care of the other and everyone to pray for the other. This spiritual support is blessed by God. The goodness of the faithful human has nothing to do with himself but is also reflected on his neighbor. Within the Church, the unity of the people in Christ is realized. Greater proof is the common bearer we take Body and Blood of Christ, in Divine Communion.

On the other hand, the isolation of man both by God and by his brothers leads to hell. Hell is precisely this inability to love Christ and his fellow human beings, so he is confined to his ego while experiencing the lack of society with others. This weakness is transformed, in response, into malice. Paradise is the spiritual state in which man lovesly communes with the Holy Trinity and his brothers, having come out of his ego.

In closing, Mr. Nektarios called the faithful to be united in one mouth and one heart to seek salvation , so that the Light of the Risen Lord can make their soul Paradise.

After the end of the Pre-sanctified Divine Liturgy, his Eminence gave the certificates of participation to the members of the Parents’ Schools and the Institution for the education of the Catechists of the local Church, expressing on the one hand his joy that this work is done for 16 years in Metropolis and also thanked the ones responsible, father Spyridon Triantafyllos, father Spiridon Perros and Panosiol. Archim. Seraphim Linosporis, as well as to the Director of the General Responsible, Georgios Bogdanos. In addition, the Bishop of Corfu thanked Prot Themistocles Mourtzanos, General Prelatic Warden of the H.M. of Corfu and head of the Youth Office of the local Church.

Mr. Nektarios pointed out that our world today has been thrown out because it has lost God. Our Church suffers persecution, like family and youth, from established powers, who believe that without Christ there is the possibility for society to go forward. They are deceived, however, in an obvious way. All those who fight the Church should only use as examples the states of the former Eastern Bloc, in which the Churches, although broken down, turned into a garage, families were flattened, and the institutions that hold a united society were pursued implacably, now with the Grace of God and the Churches grew brighter and the institutions were strengthened.

In his conclusion, the Bishop of Corfu invited the members of both the Parents’ School and the Institution for the education of the Catechists to work as a spiritual society in the embrace of the Church and to spread the message of Christian values ​​and our tradition, both of which regenerate the institution of the family, giving it meaning. From the side of the Parents’ Schools, Spyridon Triantafyllos, responsible of the Parents’ School and the responsible of the Institution for the education of the Catechists father Georgios Bogdanos made a speech.

The two speakers expressed their sincere thanks and respect for Mr. Nektarios, because he is the one who honors and supports this great project. In addition, the two speakers stressed that this year the topics discussed were very modern in order to respond to the needs of modern society and catechism and family. For this reason, experienced speakers have been recruited who helped very much to make a fruitful dialogue and the participants to reflect.


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