Easter Message 2018 of His Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios




My dearly fathers and brothers, my beloved in Christ children,

The Lord awoke as from sleep, and He rose and saved us.[1]. Our Church’s faith to God’s Resurrection is the one which gives uniqueness to our spiritual tradition. We do not believe in a God transformed to human, but to the One who revealed Himself to us by taking the human nature until its end, that means death. He did not die because of the decline caused to our nature by time and sins, but because He wanted to. He became one of us, to meet all the alive people, to teach us that He is the “the way, and the truth, and the life.”[2], giving us not only a moral teaching but also the gift of salvation from the evil within the Church which embraces the whole world.

He became one of us to meet with His death on the Cross all the dead souls in order to release them from the dead-end to which they were. It was no longer obligatory for them to remain in the loneliness and darkness of death, because they could not perceive God with the perishableness of their existence[3], or recognize Him even if they knew about Him, but He gave them the opportunity to do so with the light of His presence to choose the resurrection with Him.  First of all the resurrection of the souls in a unique way, this lasting communion with God during the pretaste of Paradise, and then the resurrection of the bodies. For when the Risen Lord returns, in His Second Coming, psychosomatically complete, people will live the salvation in the new world, ” a new heaven and a new earth”[4] that are waiting for us!

The Lord has risen by the sleep of death, as awakes the one who is asleep, and by His resurrection He has given us salvation! The Church invites us to live the Resurrection in it. Through the faith that we have never given away as people and as nation! Holding our candles  in the hands  with the sign of the light, let us remind ourselves that every moment is a time of awakening from the sleep of sins. The sleep of caring only for the present world. The sleep of habit. The passions. The evilness. The lock in our own problems. The tradition of letting ourselves to a culture that does not allow us to live life in the perspective of love, as it traps us  in the “ego”, in the appearance, in the small joys, in pleasure, in the complaints, in the  materialistic goods, the things that exist and the ones that are missing. It urges us to wake up by living the life and the way in which the Person of Risen Christ stands. And He, as promised us, will be with us till the end of the world!

Resurrection comes  in difficult times. Through this unprecedented charity of the feasts and celebrations, let’s  ask God to help in the resurrection of our consciences. Let us also work for our homeland, from wherever we are called to serve it. To resurrect our thinking, our heart and our lives and primarily our tradition. Because the latter kept us free in times of foreign occupation. When hope seemed lost, faith in the resurrection of the nation made Greeks not to give up, even when they were beaten. This faith gave birth to  various personalities, either spiritual, ecclesiastical, or  political who inspired our people not to give up. Faith in Resurrection gave birth to Ioannis Capodistrias. Dionysios Solomos. Paulos Melas. It gave birth to all those everyday people, who said  YES at the call of the times, and helped our nation to awaken from the sleep and with the Church together to rise free from all ties. This faith, we should put back to our hearts again. We should teach it to our children. We should live it every moment!

Our Lord, the Winner of Death is with us! Let’s follow Him through the way of the Church! Christ is Risen! Really, He is risen, brothers!

The one who goes through fire to pray for you to our Risen Lord,

Your Bishop and Spiritual Father,


[1] Vesper of the Easter

[2] John 14,6

[3] 1 Corinthians 15, 47-49

[4] Revelation 21,1


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