Episcopal Divine Liturgy for Saint Spyridon’s memory in Corfu


Episcopal Divine Liturgy for Saint Spyridon’s memory in Corfu

On Tuesday morning, December 12, 2017 an Episcopal Divine Liturgy took place with particular glory in Saint Spyridon’s church with his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands. The political and military forces of the island along with a great amount of people participated in the Divine Liturgy.

In his preaching, the Bishop of Corfu analysed the chanter’s words: “you are proved to be Source of Miracles,Blissful”. The presence of the Holy relic of Saint Spyridon among us indicates the fact that people who believe in God and communicate with Him, do not stop existing even after death. Instead they feel the Resurrection and deal with the decay from this life.

Moreover, the Bishop after having underlined the fact that Saint Spyridon makes a lot of miracles through our powerful prayers, counted three elements that answer the question of what is a miracle. Firstly, it was proven through the Holy Relic of Saint Spyridon our own Blessing by His impurity and transgression of Death. We should as active members of the Church to live our life based on the example of Saints, in a spiritual way. Secondly, the impurity and the foretaste of Resurrection are a modern miracle.

Finally, the third element is the presence of the Church. Only through the Orthodox Church, miracles can happen, because God’s Grace allows them to happen.

Unfortunately for many people, Church is seen just as a philanthropic organization which covers the materialistic needs of the poor people. However, the most important duty of the Church is the salvation of people and make them members of the Kingdom of God. Furthermore, Mr. Nektarios pointed out that the modern human asks for miracles in order to suspend the biological death and not to lead them to salvation through regretting of the sins.

In his closing, the Bishop wished to everyone to have the Blessings of Saint Spyridon and to keep every single Orthodox protected through his prayers. It should be mentioned that during the Divine Liturgy, the Philharmonic Band of Corfu “Saint Spyridon” played hymns to praise the Saint.

In the end of the Divine Liturgy the Bishop gave a big Cross “Megalostavros”, ( gold Cross with a Star) of Saint Spyridon after decided so by the Metropolitan Council, to Mr. Konstantinos Savel from Belarus as the highest honorable recognition . Mr. Savel has offered valuable help to Saint Spyridon’s church and the Bishop thanked him for his appreciation to the Saint and his numerous donations.

The Bishop’s message was read by the Secretary of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu Mr. Konstantinos Thimis, Theologian and masters of History holder.



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