“God is sent away by our way of living”


Corfu’s Nektarios: “God is sent away by our way of living”

On Sunday, October, 22nd, 2017 his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, mr Nektarios made the Divine Liturgy in the Church of All Saints, where he also said the memorial service for his soul’s rest, of Panagiotis Kolaggis, 46-year-old family man.

In his speech, his Eminence analysed the holy Gospel while stressing out that the Demons are not powerful. Human beings fall into sinful situations when leaving God and thus, they become subservient of the Demons. People loose their autonomy and dignity. Demons talked through this particular human and asked from God not to torture them but let them get inside the pigs nearby.

So it happened. When the man was healed, he started preaching everything that Christ did to him. However, the other people did not accept him, staying in their mean situation.

So this happens today too, continued the Bishope of Corfu. Human beings put God aside and believe only in themselves, taken by sins. Our Europe while believing in Jesus Christ, created major developments giving its lights of civilisation and respect of humans to the world. However, now their new politicians have been taken by a merciless war against Christ and faithful humans, agains the traditions and the family institution.

All the aforementioned are presumed by the globalisation and respect to the difference. Apart from the Christians,every other group, either spiritual or natinal have their own rights for the modern Europe. However, Europe does not recognise Christians’s rights but instead fights them. With our general way of living, we put God aside, added the Bishop.

In the end, mr. Nektarios urged the faithful Christians to return to Triune God through repentance, to recognise His presence and accept Him in their hearts. He knows very well how to work with every heart.




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