His Eminence visits the cycle of Students and Scientists


His Eminence visits the cycle of Students and Scientists

On Thursday evening, October 11, 2018, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios visited the cycle of Students and Scientists of the local Church.

In his speech, the Bishop of Corfu using as a basis this year’s theme of the cycle, Plato’s Protagoras and the Philokalia of the Orthodox Tradition, referred to the spiritual depth of the ancient Greek literature and especially the monotheistic philosophers who talked about the Lord centuries before He came to the world. These philosophers had the so-called seminal speech. They reacted, too, to all the spiritual clutter and decline that dominated their era, much like our modern age.

The length of this intellectual cultivation of our ancient philosophers cannot be reached. On the contrary, the West civilization attempted to copy it and did so in the wrong way, reaching the wrong conclusions. An important thing of the Ancient Greeks was the participation to the social matters and the communing. On the contrary, the West promoted and continues to do so, individualism, appreciation of the human being as the shielding of the ego.

Moreover, his Eminence noted that our Holy Church honours the ancient Greek philosophers. Important proof of this, is the conflation of the ancient Greek thoughts with the Orthodox faith. This element, that differentiated the ancient Greece from the rest of the world, the participation, existing to the Church, since people are participating to the community of Christ.

All Christians constitute the Church with Christ as its head. Our Orthodoxy does not approach Christ neither intellectually nor emotionally but heartily. The believer’s heart is burning with prayers and participation to the Services, just like the ones of the Apostles, Luke and Cleopas, on their way to Emmaus with the Resurrected Lord.

In his closing, Mr. Nektarios having expressed his great joy for the interest of the people, the cycle of students and young scientists, thanked deeply for his zeal and work, the responsible one, Protopresbyter, Father Themistoklis Mourtzanos, General Prelatic Warden of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu.

Priesthood does not end in the Mystery of the Holy Communion. Priesthood is also the ministry of words, in order for people to obtain their identity, to know who they are and what Christ asks from them.

Then, father THemistoklis thanked his Eminence and analysed the myth of Protagoras on political virtue, of Plato’s homonymous work, highlighting two key words, shame and justice, that both are absent in Greek Education and in general our social life, making us witnesses of tragic consequences.


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