Iasi welcomed Saint Spyridon


Iasi welcomed Saint Spyridon

Thousands of people came to the centre of Iasi in order to accompany the Holy Relic of Saint Paraskevi the Epivatini.

The local Church was much blessed this year, since it had the honor to have the right Hand of Saint Spyridon, brought from Corfu by the local Bishop, His Eminence, Mr. Nektarios.

The litany began and ended in the Cathedral of Iasi.

His Eminence, the Archbishop of Iasi, Mr. Theofanis, in his short speech, thanked the Triune God for this great blessing of worshipping the Holy Relic of Saint Spyridon and continued:Ο

“We hope that through the strength of our Saints, the eyes of the faithful people will always look at the only hope of this world, that is God. We should finally understand that we do not live only on earth but also in the sky. Christians should aim for eternal life. May God bless us all.”

Source: basilica.ro



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