In our times,the hypocrisy is beyond compare


Bishop of Corfu,mr Nektarios, “In our times,the hypocrisy is beyond compare”

On Sunday,December the 10th,2017, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands mr. Nektarios did the Divine Liturgy in the Church of Holy Virgin the Odigitria, in Alepou region.

In his preaching,the Bishop of Corfu analysed the Day’s reading of the Gospel, the healing of the woman who had the spirit of infirmity for 18 years, by Christ. The miracle took place on a Saturday and for this reason the ruler of the synagogue,indignant because Jesus had healed on the sabbath, judged Christ because he healed the woman who had the spirit of infirmity for 18 years.

Moreover, the Bishop underlined two elements of great importance. The first one has to do with the fact that sickness is a result of the sins, for the fallen human. When being apart from the Grace of Triadic God, Humans face only darkness,sadness and death. It depends on them whether or not they will follow God in their lives. Christ feels sorry for our sins and falls along with our insistence to be mean.

At the same time he has the discernment not to abolish their ability to control themselves. Like a caring father,he opens his heart every moment for his creature,waiting for his return. The second element is associated with the hypocrisy shown by the ruler of the Synagogue. Unfortunately,in our times Hypocrisy is beyond compare. Humans stay away from God,they are hypocrites to Him and to other people, whether they belong to his/her family or professional place.

In his conclusion,his Eminence asked from the loyal Christians to leave not only the sins aside as they connect them to the Devil, but also the hypocrisy which separates people from God and from the others.

After the end of the Divine Liturgy,mr. Nektarios went to the port of Corfu where he visited a ship of the Navy, named “Simitzopoulos”. His Eminence talked with the governor of the ship along with the director of the Military Base. The governor of the ship donated to the Bishop a plate as a memory of his visit.



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