Jesus Christ, His Church and the other “Churches”.


Jesus Christ, His Church and the other “Churches”.

During the evening sermons of our local Church, on Sunday afternoon, November 19, 2017, in the Church of our Holy Saint Spyridon the Wondermaker took place the weekly preaching on the subject of “Jesus Christ, His Church and the other “Churches”. The preaching was made by father Evangelos Koutras.

Father Evangelos pointed out that Christ established only one Church as we already know. Which are the characteristics of the original one? Our Lord by coming to this World, acquired the Human Body as mentioned by Saint Ioannis the Chrisostomos. So the Church is actually Christ through the centuries.

His Body consists of the members of the Church who are baptized and have a relationship with Him through Church’s Mysteries. The characteristics of the original Church are the following: a) the historical continuity which is proved by the Apostolic succession and b) the Orthodoxy, the original Church keeps the Truth given by Christ, unaltered. The other “Churches” do not have the same characteristics since they have ignored the Tradition with their heretic beliefs such as the “Theory of the Branches“ and the “Theory of Spiritual Church”.

Concluding father Evangelos stressed the fact that those who want their Salvation near Christ, have to stay within His Church and keep their relationship with Him alive through their spiritual fights.






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