Litany in Potamos, Corfu


Litany in Potamos, Corfu

On Sunday afternoon, May 13, 2018, the litany of the sacred icon of the Virgin Mary took place with the participation of His Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios and a crowd and philharmonic band in the village of Potamos.

His Eminence, taking the occasion of the miracle of the Virgin Mary, who relieved Corfu from the drought at the end of the 15th century, noted that She always listens to the prayers, who by faith resort to Her. Our Lady is the mediator to the charitable God. Particularly today, when we go through this crisis of morals and values, having been tempted by the promises of strangers for easy enrichment and material prosperity while leaving Christ at the same time, we are now experiencing the moral erosion of our homeland.

The New Order of Things with Globalization as its main means has targeted Orthodox Greece, fighting the Church, the culture of this place and the connecting link of society and the family. One can not resist when he/she sees the so-called “temple” of democracy, the guardian of the principle of the majority of Greeks, that laws be voted against the will of this majority, and in this case the law on the upbringing of children by homosexual couples .

We have come to the point of being accused and mocking, those who call upon our people to wake up as shadowy and backward. How do some really mean the term of progress? Every kind of freedom when it affects the human is impudence. Of course, for someone who lives without God everything is allowed. We can no longer be oblivious to everything that is being proclaimed in our homeland, because we will be asked to justify our inactiveness to Christ.

In conclusion, Mr. Nektarios stressed that we owe, armed with faith to the Risen from the Dead Lord and united in the face of Our Lady, to resist and preserve as we preserve our eyes the values ​​and ideals that our fathers have bequeathed and kept our Nation alive through of the centuries.



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