On the Wendesday morning, September 27 2017, his Eminence, Metropolitan of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands Nektarios said the memorial service for his soul’s rest, the first Governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, in the Holy Monastery of Holy Virgin Platytera, where his grave is located for 186 years since his assassination (September 27,1831).

The Ecclesiastical Department of the ” Corfu Choir” participated in the ceremony, conducted by maestro Michalis Kapodistrias. Moreover, the vice Mayor Georgios Karidis, the Regional Director of Education of the Ionian Islands Kostas Gousis, other Regional and Municipal Councilors as well as school students with their professors attended the memorial.

Here is also the speech of his Eminence:

” We remember today an event that marked the history of our country. The assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias does not only signify the end of a government in difficult times as far as the state organization is concerned following the 1821 Revolution.

The constitution was changed. Our relationship with the foreign powers was changed too, since it was pretty clear that we were not able to cooperate with them by having common interests. They would regulate the domestic political life and therefore, the orientation of the state and society having Greece completely controlled by Europe.

We all wonder what would have happened if Ioannis Kapodistrias had been allowed to complete the formation of a state which would have been based only on the Western identity but also on our national tradition, identity and peculiarities.

History is not written with assumptions. However, we are sure that Ioannis Kapodistrias, apart from his personal talents, his political and diplomatic experience, his deep faith in Christ and Orthodoxy along with his vision, would have lead pur Country in a different direction.

For this reason, our local Church in cooperation with the Unesco Centre of the Ionian Islands and the other insitutions of Corfu, continues to support the deep belief that our first Governor is an example to imitate for today and tomorrow.

He reminds especially the youngest who will be responsible for the future of our Country that as Greeks we can be Europeans without abandoning our identity. That can be acquired by having faith in God, choosing freedom, love for the other people, pride for our history, gratitude for our ancestors and not by being subjected to oblivion of our past while being ready to prove to the “civilised world” that without God, tradition, free spirit and humanity, we will not be able to actually live and be happy, no matter how much money we can make. Only people who are really free can find meaning in their lives even when they lose.

Therefore, we should honour the memory of Ioannis Kapodistrias and imitate his life, his self-sacrifice since it is our main blessing to be Greeks, Christians and free people!”
Subsequently, the vice-Mayor Georgios Karidis, Konstantinos Vergos, Director of the 2nd Technical High School and Georgios Sklavounos, historian- researcher, President of the Unesco Center talked about Ioannis Kapodistrias and his important work for our Country,

Finally, Metropolitan of Corfu said the Memorial at the Governor’s grave.




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