Divine Preaching

1. Every Sunday and great feast, during the Divine Liturgy, the word of God is sermonised by:
His Eminence the Metropolitan of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands Nektarios
Chancellor: Archimandrite Ioustinos Konstantas
General Prelatic Church Warden: Archpriest Themistoklis Mourtzanos
Preachers who are Archimandrites: Romanos Kanitakis, Gabriel Nikiphoridis, Serapheim Linosporis, Xerouveim Veletzas
Preachers who are Archimandrites in daily service: Spyridon Skordilis, Panteleimon Tzorbatzoglou, Timotheos Georgiou
Clerics who are theologists and they serve in the parishes of our Holy Metropolis.

Appointed theologists

2. In the churches that there are no preachers, the word of God is written by the General Prelatic Church Warden Father Themistoklis Mourtzanos and is sent to the parishes in order to be read every Sunday during the divine Liturgy. Appointed theologists : Priest Eyangelos Koutras

3. Every winter Sunday, at 6.30 in the afternoon,in Saint Spyridon’s church, his Eminence the Metropolitan of Corfu Nektarios gives speeches of God to the public.

4. Preaching in the Afternoon and Biblical studies by the local Priests and lay Preachers in selected churches of the town and the countryside.

5. Articles written by his Eminence the Metropolitan and by other Theologists that are published in the local press.

Holy Confession

A group of 64 Priests and Spiritual Fathers are responsible for this holy mystery of penitence in order to cover up the needs of Holy Metropolis’ flock.
In the churches of Corfu, the Holy confession is done on daily basis. In the rural areas, spiritual Fathers are sent occasionally and especially before the Great Feasts.
There is also a seminar for pastoral education for the spiritual Fathers and also in order for the new clerics to be prepared.
Responsible for this Programme: General Prelatic Church Warden: Archpriest Themistoklis Mourtzanos

Gatherings to stydy the Holy Scripture
Aiming to get to understand the eternal truths of the Orthdox Faith, every week there are in several parishes, these gatherings to study the Bible for both men and
The responsible Person, either Priest or lay man or woman, makes a presentation of a topic and then there is a discussion upon it.


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