Modern developments in Orthopedics – From biological therapies to robotic techniques.


Modern developments in Orthopedics – From biological therapies to robotic techniques.

The Holy Metropolis of Corfu, Paxoi and the Diapontian Islands in the framework of its pastoral care and wishing to contribute to pain relief, invited the famous and specialized Professor of Orthopedics Stavros Aleroyogiannis, together with Mr. Georgios Peppas, Orthopedic Surgeon, to offer free examination of those who need their medical services at the office of the Foundation of the Chronically Suffering People “The Platyera” of the Holy Metropolis on Friday, January 25th and Saturday, January 26th.

On the afternoon of Saturday, January 26th at 19:00, Professor Aleroyogiannis and Mr. Peppas held a scientific informative speech at the Cultural Center of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu.

The doctors were welcomed in Corfu and thanked for the invitation of the local Church and his Eminence the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and the Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios.

Mr Aleroyogiannis in his speech pointed out that today’s Orthopedics are used by biologically-known therapies, from growth factors to stem cells that can be obtained either from bone marrow or from adipose tissue and with appropriate treatment to inject them into the joint that suffers and by a special process that makes our own body, they migrate through the synovial fluid, so that they can then settle down where the damage is. Stem cells are in fact undifferentiated cells. It’s more “ancient” in our body and these cells can be transformed. This is why we are now talking about regenerative medicine. We are not limited to the field of orthopedics, but it is much bigger, a constantly evolving science. 50% of the treatment is due to the biological material we put and the remaining 50% to the biological response of the organism.

In addition, Mr. Aleroyogiannis noted that modern arthroplasty is currently taking place, which actually helps us to make a bionic knee. It is, in other words, a technological revolution, a combination of the evolution of materials and the evolution of essentially surgical techniques. Through minimally invasive techniques – robotics – we can “snap” a new joint.

After Mr Aleyogiannis’ speech, a dialogue followed.


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