“Naughty and aggressive children in the team”


“Naughty and aggressive children in the team”

On Wednesday afternoon, November 28, 2018, in the context of educating young Catechists of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu, at the Spiritual Centre, the fourth educational meeting on the issue of “Naughty and aggressive Children in the team” with speaker Ms. Angela Nikita, clinical psychologist, health psychologist.


The responsible of the program, Protopresbyter father Georgios Bodganos thanked the speaker.
Then, Ms. Nikita said that no child is born a bad one. Malice is a choice and as a result, children adopt evil behaviors. Referring to the “spoiled” children, parents satisfy without concern every of their needs. There is no real communication between parents and children. This characterization sets parents free and works as a justification of satisfying their personal needs. On the contrary, the “pampered” children, their parents are next to them, hear their needs and communicate with them. There are two ways of communicating, the verbal and the non-verbal.
Following, the speaker underlined the ingredients of a successful team, that are motivation, aim, coherence, trust, security and acceptance. Within a team there are some roles, the following: the leader, the always late, the indifferent, the absent-minded, the introvert, the naughty, the willing, the aggressive, the diplomat, the scapegoat and the flatterer. The three kinds of co-ordinators are the bossy, the democratic and the participatory. The levels of a team development can be described as five steps of a scale, that is shaping, juxtaposition, development, maturing and closing. In order to have real communication within a team, we need to hear, to express our needs, our wishes and emotions, without anger or guilt, respect and accept both ourselves and the others.
In her closing, Ms. Nikita stressed that establishing limits, rules to the children is absolutely necessary. This establishing teaches us that it can protect the credibility of the teachers and is connected to the attention and respect to the personality of teachers and children. And most importantly, there is no better learning than the one using body and senses.
In the second part of the meeting, a speech was given on the topic: “Entertaining children of today with games of yesterday”, with speaker Ms. Liza Alexaki, teacher of traditional dances at the Greeks’ High School, department of Corfu, who presented traditional games.




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