Palm Sunday in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu


Palm Sunday in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu

On Sunday morning, April 21, 2019, the litany of the holy relic of Saint Spyridon took place, on the occasion of the saving of the island from the plague in 1630. His Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian islands, Mr. Nektarios was in the litany.

In his speech to the faithful in the service, the Bishop of Corfu stressed that the Lord remained impregnated in all these enthralling manifestations of the Israeli people upon entering Jerusalem because He knew that these same people would, after a few days, decide for His crucifixion and Death. This behavior is explained by the fact that a large portion of the Jews considered Christ as the earthly king, who would subdue all the enemies of Israel. After resurrecting the four-day Lazarus, He could very easily free them from the Roman occupation. The Lord, however, wore human nature in order to free His creature from sin and the ultimate enemy, death. This meaning of the Resurrection, both spiritual and physical, but also in the restoration of Christ, has been experienced by the saints of our faith. Saint Spyridon, whose Holy Relic enters today in the streets of the city of Corfu, is the most powerful proof of the Resurrection. But for someone who is selfish and interested only in his personal interests and the ephemeral of present life, it is natural to be indifferent to the spiritual.

Moreover, his Eminence underlined that with everything going on, especially in our homeland, Lord is sinless. Our Church has proven to be winner of every evil every fight throughout the centuries, since its head is the defeater of death.

In his closing, Mr. Nektatios wished to the people present in Corfu town to be helped by Saint Spyridon, in a time when faith to Christ is fought.

Before the litany, the Divine Liturgy took place in the  Holy Church of Saint Spyridon.


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