Panegyrical Archieratic Vesper in the Holy Place of Worshipping of Saint Spyridon


Panegyrical Archieratic Vesper in the Holy Place of Worshipping of Saint Spyridon

On Saturday evening, November 4th, 2017 in the Holy Place of Worshipping of Saint Spyridon, the Wonderworker, an Episcopal Vesper along with the breaking of the loaves (Artoklasia) took place with his Eminence, the Bishop Rouse, mr. Naoum, from Bulgaria along with the Bishop of Trimithounta mr. Varnavas and the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands mr. Nektarios on the occassion of the saving of Corfu from the plague in 1673, by the miraculous intervention of Saint Spyridon.

Mr. Nektarios welcomed the two Bishops in the island. For his Eminence, the Bishop of Trimithounta, mr. Varnavas, he mentioned that he pastures the Bishophrie where Saint Spyridon was too and the one that today is under Turkish occupation. Saint Spyridon links the two islands of Corfu and Cyprus, the most western and the most eastern parts of Hellenism.

What is more, the Bishop talking about mr. Naoum underlinied the fact that they are connected with a long friendship, when the Bishop Rouse, as a priest learnt the Greek Language in the Monastery of Xenia.

Moreover, the Bishop of Corfu emphasised the fact that Corfiot people are always grateful to their protector, Saint Spyridon for his many benefactions. The miraculous interventions of Saint Spyridon happen on a daily basis. Through his prayers to God, he helps the Corfiots stand out during the worse modern conditions, where the Faith to Christ is fought. As opposed to these actions, the Corfiots have realised that the only solution is the faith to Triadic God and the Saints.

Following his speech, the Eminence Bishop Rouse mr. Naoum stressed the fact that the loyal people in Bulgaria worship Saint Spyridon. It is exactly this faith to God and the Saints which has given the power to all these people to survive when they suffered from atheist and communist regimes. The Church of Christ was reborn through these martyrs and triumphed.

Mr. Naoum finished his speech by inviting the loyal Christians to maintain the community with Triadic God alive.


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