Priest Ordination in the H.M. of Corfu


Priest Ordination in the H.M. of Corfu

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios did the Divine Liturgy in the Metropolitan Chapel of Saint Nektarios, the Holy Monastery of Saint Theodoroi in Kamara village, where he lives and he ordained as a priest the monk Joseph.

In his speech, his Eminence underlined to father Joseph that the Church invites him to serve with his deep faith and his love for Christ and people. He is invited by the Lord to lend his senses to Him, since the work as a Priest is God’s work. The Lord with His incarnation, preached the Gospel of salvation , invited people to repent, sacrificed Himself and resurrected from the dead, giving us eternal life. Christ has the threefold office, the king, priest and prophetical ones. Thus, the priest comes to teach, to sacrifice and love God as much as his fellow people that he serves, wherever he might be.

Referring to our own time, the Bishop of Corfu underlined that the Church of Christ is under attack by the atheist powers in our country. Our Priests are lately in target. Those who work for the ruining of our Church forget that the ones in Priesthood answer to the call of Christ and do not care about money. As for the past few years, the priests do not get any money.

Moreover, Mr. Nektarios reminded father Joseph of the attacks that Orthodox Church was in the countries of the former Soviet Union, where Church was not destructed but came more powerful.

In his closing, Mr. Nektarios  wished that the Divine Grace, the Saints and above all Virgin Mary to change father Joseph’s life.

It should be noted that the new Deacon is a lawyer, musician, hagiographer, speaks many foreign languages and he will serve the parish of Othonoi, one of the Diapontian Islands.


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