Requesting Prayer for the candidates of the Panhellenic exams in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu


Requesting Prayer for the candidates of the Panhellenic exams in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu

On Wednesday afternoon, June 6, 2018, the Requesting Prayer for the candidates of the Panhellenic exams took place in the Holy Church of Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker.

His Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios is in Athens due to his synodical obligations. His Eminence’s message to the students was read by the Protopresbyter father Themistoklis Mourtzanos, General Prelatic Warden of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu.

In the end of the Requesting Prayer, Mr. Kostas Gkousis, Regional director of Education of the Ionian Islands, Mr. Theodoros Athinaios, principal of the Secondary education and Mrs. Vassiliki Chissa, director of the 5th General High School of Corfu gave a speech on the side of the educational community.

Then, blessings and treats were given to the candidates.

Following the message of the Bishop of Corfu:

Dear children,

Our Church, having watched the struggle that you pay especially in the last year, comes as you prepare to compete in the Pan-Hellenic exams to declare its presence in your effort the way it can: pray for everyone.

We know that all of you have some dreams that you want to be fulfilled. On the one hand, complete your struggle, write and rest, because you are perhaps the hardworking workers in our society, as you are studying day and night to achieve your purpose. On the other hand you want to open a door to life, which passes through your desired success in the exam. Both are dreams legitimate and human.

Therefore, we pray to God to give you enlightenment so that you can write as best you can and depending on your own pain. But as the poet says, “Ithaca gave you a journey on the right. Without it you would not go out on the road “(K. Kavafis). Ithaca is your dreams. The journey is what you did to accomplish these. And the journey is the knowledge you have gained, the strengths you have measured, the self-belief you have shown, the stress and the anxiety you have decided to overcome.

On this journey you have the help of God, and we ask you to fatherly and wholeheartedly, as our spiritual children that you are, to invoke it, along with the help and enlightenment of our Saint Spyridon. God knows what is best for you. And lets you find your way. Show Him Confidence. Proceed with courage, love and hope, without fear and anxiety. And we are sure that the new road that will open in your life after the exams will be the road that will give you meaning and purpose!

In this way we are close to you! We will pray to our Saint every day that you will be tested, to be strong and believe that you are already winners!

Good enlightenment, strength, progress! God bless you!




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