Saint Eleutherios’s memory celebrated in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu


Saint Eleutherios’s memory celebrated in the Holy Metropolis of Corfu

On Friday morning, December 15, 2017 the Matin and the Divine Liturgy took place in the celebrating Church of Saint Eleutherios, in Corfu Town. Many people attended the Liturgy.

The Archimandrite father Ioustinos Konstantas, Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu did the preaching. In his speech, he praised the personality of Saint Eleutherios.

The Saint, though young in age, did not stop in front of the martyrdom and confessed boldly Jesus Christ, as his Lord and God. He grew up learning the Orthodox Tradition, taught by his mother, Saint Anthia, whose memory is celebrated on the same day. Two important elements are characteristic in Saint Eleutherios’s life. On the one hand it was his Love for God and his fellow brothers and sisters and on the other hand, the observance of God’s orders, according to our Lord’s incitement.

Moreover, father Ioustinos underlined the fact that for modern humans who are overwhelmed by the cosmic spirit, sacrificing their lives and especially in young age, is seen as insanity in most of the cases. However, for the Church death and particularly the martyrdom is perfection and completion of humans’ real purpose.

The humans meet their Creator and form a real communication of love with Him. For this reason, Saints’ feasts occur on their death day.

In his closing, father Ioustinos wished to the attendants that Saint Eleutherios will bless and sanctifies all the loyal people through his prayers.




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