Saint Kyriaki is the symbol of resistance against temptations


Bishop of Corfu Mr. Nektarios: “Saint Kyriaki is the symbol of resistance against temptations”

On Saturday, July 7, 2018, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and DIapontian Islands Mr. Nektarios did the Divine Liturgy in the celebrating Holy Monastery of Saint Sunday in Kouramades.

In his preaching, the Bishop of Corfu stressed out that Saint Kyriaki the Great Martyr is the symbol of resistance against temptations and sins. She was raised by pious parents, who chose the name of Kyriaki (Sunday) because she was born on a Sunday and she devoted her whole life to the service of our Lord.

She went through many difficulties in order to deny Christ. However, she had a brave spirit and confessed with boldness even till her beheading that her only Lord and God was Jesus Christ.

Christ had visited her in jail and encouraged her, by saying that His Spirit protects her. Saint Kyriaki glorified Christ in front of people and He glorified her back. Since her death, so many centuries have passed, yet her blood is a voice of awakening today. Her martydrom invited people to spiritually awaken.

Moreover, his Eminence mentioned the reconstructions that take place on earth and more importantly on our homeland, where we try, just like we have done throughout the recent years, to mimic the Western World.

The people of the West have tempted us with financial security and development. Nowadays, though, they ask us back everything that they gave to the Greeks and even more. In their demands, the territorial sale of Greece. The beginning was with Macedonia, following Ipirus, DIapontian Islands and naturally, Agean sea.

Every day, we see the unfriendly plan of international Zionism unfolding, the only goal being to destroy the nations and to create a world director who will be the arm of exercising the tyrannical power of the son of loss. All these are already being implemented and they are not conspiracies.

In his closing, Mr. Nektarios congratulated the Abbot of the Monastery, Archimandrite father Gabriel Nikiforidis for the spiritual work of both him and the rest of the brothers, while also urging the faithful to acquire the brave and fighting spirit, imitating Saint Kyriaki.




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