Saints are precious gifts of God’s love to humans


Bishop of Serres, Mr. Theologos: “Saints are precious gifts of God’s love to humans”

On Friday afternoon, August 10, 2018, a Panegyrical Episcopal Vesper took place in Saint Spyridon’s Church on the occasion of Saint’s miraculous intervention and saving of the island from the Ottomans in 1716.

The Vesper was made by his Eminence, the Bishop of Serres and Nigriti, Mr. Theologos, accompanied also by the following bishops, Mr. Daniel, Bishop of Kaisariani, Vyron and Ymittos, the most pious Bishop Mr. Diodoros, the Representative of the Bishop of Odessa, Mr. Agathagellos and his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands Mr. Nektarios.

Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios, in his speech, welcomed to the island of St. Spyridon both Mr. Theologos and the other Hierarchs, underlining the neeed to ask from our Saint to help us during the difficult times that we are going through, when there is a noticeable spiritual confusion and distance from God.

We are deeply sad to observe the ones in power trying to put faith IN christ aside and delete the glorious memories of our Nation, in order to make us live like this.

On the contrary, our Saint was in favor of the Orthodox Christians and opponent of the evil ones. He kept and continues to keep the right faith, by being ambassador to our Lord’s Throne and delivering our desires for salvation.

Saint Spyridon does miracles on a daily basis to all those people who humbly trust their lives to our Lord, Jesus Christ, the only hope that we all have.

Lastly, mr. Nektarios pointed out that his spiritual father was the same as the Bishops of Serres and Kaisariani. He was the late Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Christodoulos who fought against everything with all his powers to defend the Orthodox faith, our history and tradition, giving this example to his spiritual children as well.

Following his speech, the preaching was made by his Eminence, the Bishop of Serres and Nigriti, Mr. Theologos, who having thanked Mr. Nektarios for the gentle invitation of the local Church, underlined that the Saints of our Faith are the gifts of God’s love to humans.

Moreover, Mr. Theologos mentioned three elements. Firstly, our Saints’ memory states that God exists, the creator of this universe.

And to this nature, God sent as a teacher and witness of his presence, in order for humans to stay on the line, which leads to the divine community, to the unity with the Triune God.

God exists to maintain and bless not only nature and its creatures but also His favourite creation, humans.

Secondly, our Lord brought some machines of his choice, His saints, in order to glorify His immense creations.

By worshipping and praying to our Saints, we worship the Lord of Glory, the reason of our existence, which made Saint Spyridon special

God’s just ones are always alive, because they have inside them the source of life,the living Lord. Our Church’s Saints are unbelievable revelations of God’s existence and presence, the power of the mystery of Faith, through which humans are educated.

In his closing, the Bishop of Corfu asked from Saint Spyridon to bless and cover with His Grace our homeland, which undergoes important difficulties and especially our most beloved Macedonia which foreign and Greek powers try to sell.

Our people’s faith to Christ did not damage this land. On the contrary, it kept it alive during the difficult times of slavery and gave it its freedom. Prayers made with pain and tears of repentance can only become a part of our Lord’s throne.




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