School for children with special needs

Κέντρο δημιουργικής απασχόλισης ΚΔΑΠ, ΜΕΑ

School for children with special needs


At the Foundations’s premises F.C.S. “Platytera” the Creative Activity Centre for Children with disabilities is also hosted.
This unit started operating in 1985 with the name Centre of activities for Children with Disabilities, aiming at spending time and educating children with serious learning difficulties and communication problems.

This is the first and only operator in Corfu, which deals systematically with this category of children. Later, it was renamed to KDAP-MEA with a license of establishment and operation based on the FEK No.1615 TB 16-12-2001.

Featuring a rich educational and visual material, according to the latest standards, the whole program of education is provided in a not only comfortable and excellent designed area but most importantly pleasant, warm and adapted to the educational needs of our children. The training is achieved through personalised and group programmes.

Κέντρο δημιουργικής απασχόλισης ΚΔΑΠ, ΜΕΑ 2As far as the plan of an analytical program is concerned, already since 1995, the recognised support method of logotherapy MAKATON is applied for the first time in Corfu and it has impressive results in 28 countries worldwide. Our Holy Metropolis pioneered also in this sector, teaching this method to trainers of all other units in Corfu.

This unit has 20 children and the whole programme is provided to them for free. The transfer of the children is done with a mini van of the Metropolis, taken into account that the children who go there, live not only in the town centre but also in the rural area.

The relocation of the children in the Foundation’s premises was completed in 1999. Next to grandparents, these are our own children that live autonomous in the same place.

The relocation and co-operation was considered necessary because the co-existence of children with the elderly can be healing and curative for both sides. On the one hand, for the elderly, it functions as an interactive therapeutic relationship, covering basic familiar needs (substitution) and thus, gives meaning to their lives.

On the other hand, for children, the presence of the grandparents acts essentially because as a touch of affection, love and warmth, it covers unconsciously their emotional needs.

As a result, a relationship is developped. In our days, due to the fact that the nuclear family bonds are really weak, children need their grandparents to fill in their emotional gaps.