Social Market


Association of Charity “Saint Spyridon”

Social Market , Urban Non-Profit Company

The “Social Market” is a foundation, which appertain to the wider project of charity of Holy Metropolis of Corfu and Paxoi. It was established because of the increased needs of the people during the crisis. Its first aim is to co-ordinate efforts to combat poverty and exclusion from the society of the impoverished fellow men. Its contribution and action are located in providing basic needs and food to families in need who have either health problems or are unemployed.

ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ ΑΓΑΠΗΣ ‘‘Ο ΑΓΙΟΣ ΣΠΥΡΙΔΩΝ’’ 2As a result, in May 2011 Bishop Nektarios decide to establish the urban Non-Profit Company titled “Association of Charity “Saint Spyridon”- Social Market” in order to offer relief to those families.

In this Association take part, apart from the Holy Metropolis of Corfu, the Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Corfiots (since poverty has nothing to do with religion and doctrine) and the philantropic unions “O Plision”, “Apolytrosis” and “Syllogos Kirion kai Despoinidon AGIA THEODORA”.

The headoffice of this Association is in Corfu Town ( Agion Apostolon str. 3-5). Another branch of it exists in the Southern part of Corfu and its main office is the Spiritual centre of the Saints Theodoroi church in Lefkimmi. There is also another branch in the northern part of Corfu, which covers the needs of that part of the island with its office being in Sidari. In the same time, another part exists in the parish of Saints Konstantinos & Eleni in Kanalia.

ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ ΑΓΑΠΗΣ ‘‘Ο ΑΓΙΟΣ ΣΠΥΡΙΔΩΝ’’ 3In this programme, the families who have financial problems can participate in the programms of Social Market and after a selective procedure during which they will bring the necessary documents, they will be able to obtain the necessary things to cover their needs every week for six months.This selective procedure is finalised by a responsible comittee which consists of volunteers who carry out the provsion of the needs and the food. In Charge of the program is Mrs. Maria Dogka, Social Care Worker, Fr. Spiridon Mandilas and Mr. George Macheimaris.

The necessary documents that those who are interested must bring in order to be included in this programme, are the following:

1) Application Paper of Application
2) Copy of I.D.
3) Statement about the annual income, edited by the Tax Office
4) Certificate written and digned by the parish priest
5) Any papers that prove financial/health problems
6) Family Certificate