The Bishop of Corfu in Paxoi


The Bishop of Corfu in Paxoi

In the framework of his pastoral visits and the celebration of the Lord’s First Entry to the Temple, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios, visited  the island of Paxoi, where on Saturday afternoon, February 2, 2019, at the Church the Holy Trinity in Gaios did the Vesper, and the following Sunday, January 3, he did the Divine Liturgy in the same temple.
In his sermon his Eminence analyzed the Gospel of the day, the parable of the talents. The Triune God has given each person his own personality. Man has both his personality and grace, according to his personality, by Christ. God has infused the spirit of creativity into man. It is up to the person himself to show his gifts and not just that, but to multiply them. This elevation of the talents of each one takes place only within our Holy Church through its Mystical life. To the wicked and lazy person of the Evangelical Sacrament, all who are outside the Church and have interrupted communion both with the Lord and with their brothers and are still locked in their selfishness are reflected, Mr. Nektarios stressed.
On Monday, February 4, the Eminence, after the invitation of the teachers and headmasters of the island, visited the nursery school, the Primary School, Junior High School and High School of the island of Paxos.
Mr. Nektarios was warmly welcomed by both teachers and students. The children thanked their spiritual father who was near them. For his part, Metropolitan Kerkyras, after expressing his great joy, pointed out to the students that they are the hope of the country. Hope, however, in turn implies the faith they must have with God. He who will surely never betray them is Jesus Christ. This is the only response to each person’s life. Teachers reported to Mr. Nektarios the big difference that exists with regard to the maturation of children living in large urban centers, with those living in the province. The latter are both happier and mature faster.
Finally, the Eminence met with the mayor of Paxoi Spyridon Vlachopoulos, as well as with other local actors on the island.

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