The Bishop of Volokolamsk Mr. Ilarion in Corfu


The Bishop of Volokolamsk Mr. Ilarion in Corfu

On Tuesday afternoon, December 18, 2018, the Bishop of Volokolamsk and President of the External Ecclesiastical Relations of the Patriarchate of Moscow, Mr. Ilarion, who worshiped the relic of Saint Spyridon.

Mr. Ilarion was welcomed by the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diaspora, Mr. Nektarios.
The two Bishops, after going to the Bishopric, discussed the recent events in Ukraine. Mr. Ilarion characterized both the “Unification Synod” held in the Holy Church of St. Sophia of Kiev, as well as the “election” of Bishop Epiphanius, as the head of the so-called Autocephalous Church of Ukraine, as a scandal for the Orthodox world. The only regular Church in Ukraine has Bishop of Kiev Mr. Onoufrios. The overwhelming majority of Orthodox Ukrainians recognize Mr. Onoufrios as their spiritual father.

For his part, the Bishop of Corfu expressed his regret and at the same time his concern, about everything that was recently said about the Church of Ukraine. In order to make a decision, it is necessary to examine Apostolic succession and regularity, so that this decision does not contradict the truth and, above all, not divide and trigger the people of God.

Mr. Nektarios also referred to the profound appreciation and respect that the late Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Christodoulos, had to the Patriarchate of Moscow.
Finally, the two Bishops exchanged commemorative gifts


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