The Christian Testimony in a time of Secularism


The Christian Testimony in a time of Secularism

A special event was held at the Spiritual Center of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu on Thursday evening, May 10, 2018. During the Circle of Students and Scientists organized by the local Church, the participants spoke to father Charalambos Papadopoulos, known from the Internet as ” Libyus “, a priest of the Holy Metropolis of Gortyni and Arcadia in Crete, author of books and bloggers. Father Charalambos developed the subject of “Christian testimony in the time of secularization.”

The speaker strongly insisted on the need to rediscover the Christianity of joy and not of gloom and sloth, to get rid of the anxiety that faith gives certainty and answers to everything, to function within communities, to overcome individualism, to integrate our lives in the way of the Church.

Our secularization makes us possesed by a “sin-phobia”, so that we cannot live the essential components of the life that faith brings, such as love, the exodus from our ego, true communication with the other, that we can we hear him and feel what he wants to tell us, the need for a more modern speech and not the encroachment on yesterday’s expression. Answering questions, Fr. Charalambos stressed that Christian life is not conservative, in the sense of fear of being christened with today, it is not a permanent denial of what the world has achieved, but their fruitful criticism, while pointing out that it should not we seek recipes in ecclesiastical life.

We need to show trust in God and His will, which is often expressed over time, but also to care that the Church becomes a place of reception and of young people. The speaker expressed his warm thanks to the Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios for the invitation and love.



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