The complete independence of humans does not have a place within our Church.


Bishop of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios : “the complete independence of humans does not have a place within our Church.”

On Holy Tuesday’s evening, April 23, 2019, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios did the Service of the Bridegroom in the Holy Church of Virgin Mary of the Foreigners.

In his preaching, the Bishop talked about reprentance. Our Holy Church precisely to awaken us of the spiritual lethargy, presents this repentant woman, who bought myrrh and with it, she washed the sordid feet of our Lord. Repentance leads to self-knowledge and divine community. Each one of us is represented through this woman. We become aware of our sinful condition and then we return to Christ. Her act annoyed the Pharisee, in whose house Christ was invited and Judas the Iscariot who suggested to give the money of the myrrh to the poor ones. The Evangelist informs us that Judas was responsible for the money of the Disciples but also he was a thief. He didn’t really care for the poor ones.


In addition, the Bishop of Corfu analysed the Hymn of Kassiani the Nun, the prominent Byzantine poet, who very accurately portrayed the conversion of the former sinful woman, who turned to the Lord, asking in tears for forgiveness.  It should be noted that three elements are worthy of noticing: “Inside me there is night”. The internal world of a sinful human is like the darkness of the night. Our Lord on the other hand, is the Light of the world. He assures as that anyone who would follow Him will not walk in the darkness but will have the light.  Secondly, ‘place of promiscuity”. The totality of the passions that make humans slave and they do not longer have the Divine Grace. Thirdly, “love of sin”. In this condition humans have become one with sin, they are completely away from the Source of Life . Therefore, the complete independence of humans does not have a place within our Church. We all sin together and we as a whole ask Christ to forgive us. Salvation is not an individual thing.

In his conclusion, Mr. Nektarios asked the faithful not only to sentimentally approach the high sense of the hymns of the Holy Week, but also to come to the knowledge of the Divine Will and to be led to repentance.

Finally, his Eminence congratulated the Ecclesiastical Music School “Saint Arsenios” of the local Church, which attributed the Hymn of Kassiani the Nun in such a great way.



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