The digital challenges and the pastoral work of the Priests


The digital challenges and the pastoral work of the Priests

On Monday morning, January 14, 2019, a speech was made for Priests, by the author and educator, Dr. of Theology and Music, Mr. Elias Liamis on the following subject: “The digital challenges and the pastoral work of the priests.” at the spiritual centre of the Holy Metropolis.

The Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis, Archimandrite father Ioustinos Konstantas conveyed the love and paternal wishes of his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios and also thanked Mr. Liamis and the General Prelatic Warden of the Holy Metropolis, Protopresbyter father Themistoklis Mourtzanos.

Mr. Liamis mentioned that in our era enormous possibilities have been developed through technology, with virtual realities in people’s lives. Both younger and older people spend unlimited time on the internet within 24 hours. This reality tells us how much time the modern human lacks from sociability, from love and from genuinely genuine interpersonal relationships.

Under no circumstances should the Church be left behind in these situations, nor should it not judge them. On the other hand, the Church can not impose its view that everything in life begins with the meaning and the society of love. Technology is undermining what we call true sociability.

In addition, Mr. Liamis noted that what we need is first of all helping younger and older people to “fast” from the internet, secondly the internet becomes a family affair, meaning that the use of the Internet should not be unlimited , but everyone should use it as much as needed, and then give it up to the other, and thirdly, digital networks are not for all hours.

We need to switch off the mobile phone wherever we are in the temple or in an assembly or school so that people can finally live and enjoy life. It is a sad fact that today people are not enjoying life but trying to capture a picture or a video of their various moments in order to either see them later or to share them with other people. Meanwhile these unforgettable moments have passed, without the human having lived them.

In conclusion, Mr. Liamis stressed that the Church is recommending self-restraint, measure, awareness of the dangers of digital reality and at the same time making use of its positive aspects, always in the context of love and sociability.

Following the speech of Mr Liamis, a dialogue followed.


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