The Epitaphios’ Procession of the Metropolitan Church of Corfu


The Epitaphios’ Procession of the Metropolitan Church of Corfu

On Holy Friday’s evening, April 6, 2018, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios along with the rest of the local clergy did the Epitaphios’ Procession of the Metropolitan Church. The Service of the Thrice-Holy hymn was done before the procession.

At Liston square, a prayer was sung and then, Mr. Nektarios addressed the faithful and underlined the Lord’s word in the Last Supper, to Thomas’s question which is the path that Christ is going to follow. The Lord replied that He is the Road, Truth and Life. Road means Cross, sacrifice, forgiveness, tolerance and love. Moreover, Jesus Christ is the Truth, which means death of the ego and living for our brothers. Death of our will and at the same time the death of all evil.

Truth means obedience to the Divine Will to Death. Our Sweet Saviour is Life, the Resurrection that will follow. By His own death and by His Resurrection from the Dead, the Lord has given us eternal life. Within our Church there is no death, but life of eternity, life of fullness and theosophy. As Orthodox Christians we should not live in despair, but we should experience the hope of Resurrection and the abolition of death. That is why today we worship the Savior Christ in tomb and tomorrow Risen from the dead.

In his conclusion, his Eminence after welcoming the many faithful Christians who came to Corfu, for the Holy Easter, wished warmly, the Resurrection’s hope to illuminate the steps of all people.




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