The Feast of the Lord’s First Entry to the Temple in Paxoi.


The Feast of the Lord’s First Entry to the Temple in Paxoi.


On Saturday, February 2, 2019, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios, celebrated the Lord’s First entry to the Temple in the celebrating church of Lord’s First Entry to the Temple in Paxos Lakka.

In his speech, the Bishop of Corfu pointed out that the Jews had brought their initiates into the temple, grateful to God, remembering the Angel of the Lord who had seized the firstborn of the Egyptians (the 10th Pharaoh’s wound) in order for Israel to be freed from the work of Pharaoh and to enter the land of the promise. By His dedication, Jesus Christ asks us to be also ourselves dedicated to Him, because He has redeemed us from the bondage of sin and death, through His dead Resurrection. The righteous Simeon in deep old age is called to see with his own eyes the One for whom the prophets, the Redeemer of the human race, and the Lord glorifies. In the face of Simeon, the whole world of the Old Testament who expects the salvation of God is summed up.

Moreover, Simeon holding Christ in his arms proclaims that He will be the cause of the fall and the resurrection of many and will become a sign of contradiction. Christ was from the beginning a contradictory point. Others struggled and fell, and others were astonished. There were, on the one hand, those who persecuted and crucified Him, and on the other hand those who not only accepted Him, but also believed in His Resurrection.

What is more, his Eminence noted that even in our time Jesus Christ is an irreconcilable point. Those who, through faith and through the active Divine Grace, have God in their heart, they see Christ. On the contrary, those who do not experience the Lord in their soul, alienated by Him, remain in darkness and in sin.

In closing, Mr. Nektarios expressed his great joy in the island of Paxoi and wished the believers the Lord to give them His charity richly.

Finally, it is worth noting that his Eminence  on the afternoon of the feast, on 1 February he did the Vesper in the same temple.


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