The Importance of Confessing in Christian Life


The Importance of Confessing in Christian Life

During the evening sermons of our local Church, on Sunday afternoon, December, 3rd 2017, in the Church of our Holy Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker the weekly preaching took place on the subject of “The Importance of Confessing in Christian Life”. The preaching was made by his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands mr. Nektarios.
In his speech, his Eminence praised the importance of Confessing in Christian Life.

It is not enough to confess the Triadic God through words, but also, our whole life should be characterized by wholehearted love and faith for our Lord, so that we may function as examples for others to imitate in order to glorify God.

Especially in the modern times, continued the Bishop, where the worshipping of materials and sensuality prevails, where there is confusion among people, it is highly significant to confess Jesus Christ. Christians are called upon to resist to the emerging globalization and the “New Order” that aim to alter the faith and tradition of our people. Modern western civilization has its roots in Humanism and it is human-centered.

On the contrary, the Orthodox Eastern Tradition is Christ-centered. People who created our culture, had as their basis the Triadic God.
Moreover, his Eminence referred briefly to the lives of Great Martyr Barbara, Saint Neomartyr Seraphim from Fanari of Karditsa and John of Damascus. All three confessed our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The formers with their blood, while the latter with his spiritual struggle. The tree of our Church continues to grow with the blood of martyrs. Christ’s genuine students do not deny Him but follow Him till death.

In his closing, mr. Nektarios wished to the faithful Christians to continue their spiritual struggle and when the time comes, to confess without hesitation our Lord’s name against the heresies and the other religions, that try to distort our Faith.




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