The Litany of Saint Spyridon’s holy relic on the 11th of August


The Litany of Saint Spyridon’s holy relic on the 11th of August

On Saturday morning, August 11, 2018 the litany of Saint Spyridon’s holy relic took place with particular glory on the remembering of him saving the island from the Ottomans, in 1716.

The following bishops were present: of Kaisariani, Vyron and Ymittos, Mr. Daniel, of Serres and Nigriti, Mr. Theologos, the most pious Bishop of Odessa, Mr. Diodoros and the local one, of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios.

The Bishop of Corfu after the prayer, begged Saint Spyridon to dissolve the heatwave of the conscience, the sea of sins, the size of fear.

This begging stems from the hearts of all the orthodox Christians towards the ecumenical Saint and Protector, the Divine Spyridon, while his Holy Relic is litanised throughout the roads of Corfu, in the middle of a heatwave not only as far as the weather is concerned but also regarding the spirit, where the human face is alternated and the faith to Christ is persecuted by inside enemies. Whatever was not accomplished by the various conquerors so far, today it becomes a law of the Greek state.

Their target being the change of our people’s consciences and their distancing from everything holy that kept us alive throughout all years of slavery.

The enemies of our faith act against God, because we have distanced ourselves from our trust to God.

The size of our sins can be compared to a sea. We do not love with all our heart our Lord and this results in living under fear and insecurity. We have replaced our truth to Christ, with fake promises of others and thus, we have been deceived.

It is high time to return and repent to our Heavenly Father, imitating the life of our Faith’s Saints, while staying close to the Christ’s Church which is the last tower in protecting and supporting our faith and homeland. In his closing, Mr. Nektarios wished that Saint Spyridon to cover with all his Grace the Orthodox World and provide comfort to the ones wounded by the destructive fires in Attica. Our local Church prays first and foremost for their sake.

It is worth noticing that before the litany, the morning Matin and Divine Liturgy took place in the Holy Church of Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker by his Eminence, the Bishop of Serres and Nigriti, Mr. Theologos.



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