The miracle of the First Sunday in Corfu celebrated with glory


The miracle of the First Sunday in Corfu celebrated with glory

    Starting with a Panegyrical Vesper, the worshipping events in Corfu on the occasion of the First Sunday in Corfu took place. The island remembers the miracle of its saving in 1673 from plague, thanks to the miraculous intervention of Saint Spyridon.

His Eminence, the Bishop of Russe, from Bulgaris, Mr. Naum did the Vesper along with their Eminences, the Bishops of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands, Mr. Nektarios.

In his address to the crowded church, the Bishop of Corfu emphasized that the miracles in the life of the Church are based on faith. And because faith remains alive through the ages, the miracles are not forgotten. Saint Spyridon is an Ecumenical Saint, always standing next to people from wherever they come from. He interprets their faith in Christ as he did “in the midst of many fathers” at the First Ecumenical Council. This faith is constantly intact and immutable and is transmitted to the hearts of people. With this faith of our fathers we can withstand trials and judge unbelief, especially in our times. That’s why Corfu and the local Church celebrate and celebrate having such a patron. He thanked the Metropolitans for accepting the challenge to bring together the Saint, the priests and pilgrims who came from other parts of Greece, as well as from Russia, Romania, Georgia and elsewhere.

  In his speech, His Eminence Metropolitan Rousseau Naum, who is a Greek, expressed the spiritual joy it brings to mankind throughout Saint Spyridon. The saint is ecumenical and ambassador to God of all mankind. Bulgaria is particularly honored by having participated in the 343 AD Sardinia Council, which defined the territorial boundaries of the Church of Bulgaria. That is why we need its embassies in order to preserve the unity between the Churches. Because if the saints teach us this is this: the need to walk as Orthodox united!

The worship events continue on the morning of Sunday, November 3 with a Divine Liturgy, which will be preached by the Bishop of Vrestheni, Mr. Theoklitos, and then at 11 o’clock in the morning the sacred scene will be celebrated in the old town. If the weather does not allow for this, the scene will be tied up and circled inside the temple.

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