Vesper for Saint Nektarios in Corfu


Vesper for Saint Nektarios in Corfu

On Friday afternoon, November 8, 2019, in the Holy Church of Saint Spyridon, his Eminence, the Bishop of Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian  Islands, Mr. Nektarios along with their Eminences the Bishop of Vrestheni, Mr. Theoklitos, the Bishop of Syros, Mr. Dorotheos and the Bishop of Thessaliotida, Mr. Timotheos did a Panegyrical Vesper on the occasion of the celebration of Saint Nektarios,Archbishop of Pentapoli.

Addressing the people of God, the Bishop of Corfu glorified the name of God who guided the steps of his life. He thanked Saint Spyridon for allowing him to worship near him and his patron saint Nektarios Aiginis, whose name he bears and which he had and has as a model. He also thanked Bishop of Vrestheni, Mr. Theoklitos for his presence at the feast, his associates in the struggle for the re-proclamation of the people, the holy clergy, the nuns and monks, the executives who intercede in the spiritual, social, and missionary struggle, asking for it companionship.

The speech was then given by His Eminence the Bishop of Vrestheni, Mr. Theoklitos, who, apparently excited, remembered his fellowship with the Bishop of Corfu with whom he was a classmate at the 2nd High School of Volos, in the common church of Archbishop Christodoulos, of his work as Bishop of Dimitriados, but also of their companionship in the struggle for testimony of the Church in the difficult times we are going through.

Referring then to Saint Nectarios, he emphasized that the saint was the saint of simplicity, dedication, obedience to the Church, the saint of pain and tears, the saint who was slandered as much as the saint who forgave and loved them end of his life. This is followed by the Bishop of Corfu, who by his character is not a despot, but a father, friend and brother. A man who forgives and loves, giving optimism and joy.

These messages, concluded the Bishop of Vrestheni, are received by the people of Corfu, and together with the holy clergy, they unite and consort with God, united with their bishop, and wished that the years of his pastorship were so loved.

At the end of the Vesper, Mr. Nektarios accepted the wishes of the clergy and the multitude of people who participated in the sequence.

On the morning of November 9, 2019, a Divine Liturgy will be held at the Holy Metropolitan Cathedral of the Virgin Mary.


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